New Look
A brand new look

A brand new look

Where we began ....

Our logo has remained unchanged for over thirty years. Technical and professional characteristics alone are not enough to stand out in a competitive world and so we wanted to enhance the tangible value ​​of our work. This vision was already present when the company was still young and so for this reason we decided to evolve our company image rather than completely changing it.

Our pillars are Innovation / Quality / Flexibility / Experience - all expressed through reliability.

Our goal is to be a reliable partner, and once you place your project in our hands, you know that we will bring it safely to the final destination. The route isn’t linear and so using the right method with quality and flexibility, we can add and subtract the necessary elements to get you there.

We Take You There



Beyond our logo there is our new symbol, which we call “The Snake”. The idea is that it captures all the unique features of our company, modernizing our image and reflecting our values of flexibility and reliability.


Immagine Istituzionale

The idea behind the image is that the journey is always taken together. The rope isn’t tight but it’s there for your protection. The journey is tough but enjoyable and satisfying at the same time. You are the one who always determines the path but we are there every step of the way, helping you to arrive at your destination safely.


We believe that the colors we use reflect our values, while differentiating us from the rest of the market. Our new colors have been designed to emphasize our diversity. By fusing these two colors, we have created delicate shades of yellow and gray, which are also warm.




It represents sunlight, energy, heat and in some cases, wisdom. However it can also represent attention to detail and common sense. It also symbolises capacity for change and the ability to be open to new ways of thinking. Its energy stimulates intellect. It improves concentration and capacity for learning. On an emotional level it is intangible but full of hope.



Above all, gray is neutral and comes from a mixture of black and white. Colors in general influence people and their moods but gray is unmoving and quiet. It symbolises discretion and balance.

The combination of both colors conveys professionalism and spirit.

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