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Our Quality

Our Quality

Our activities are strongly customer oriented.

Your ultimate satisfaction shows us that we have been successful in meeting your expectations. We make sure that the people involved in the project follow all of your requirements in accordance with the applicable regulations and guidelines.

We are committed to the following objectives:

  1. elevating the culture of quality in people working for us, making them aware of the importance of their work;
  2. preventing, reducing and / or eliminating non- conformity, because waste and mistakes result in additional costs and possible harm to customers ;
  3. meeting the needs of the client;
  4. continuously adjusting the capacity and flexibility of the company , thereby maintaining a high level of competitiveness and utmost quality / price ratio ; and compliance with applicable laws and regulatory requirements ;
  5. setting and achieving measurable goals to evaluate the effectiveness of  Quality.

How do we measure quality?

We have the following accreditations:


  • TUV   ISO 9001:2008 for EA35 cert. N. 501008945
  • The system of Quality Assurance, as required by SOP specifications and is implemented through an independent audit (audit) of financial assets and documents relating to clinical trials, These determine whether the activities are conducted and the data is recorded, analyzed and reported in accordance with the SOP, protocol, ICH GCP and the applicable laws.
  • In accordance with the Italian Ministerial Decree 15/11/2011, each Contract Research Organisation is responsible for implementing a system of Quality Control and Quality Assurance, developed through a series of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). 

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